Friday Night in Nowhere

Well she was born on the 4th of July, born on her  Daddy’s knee.   Sweatin’ in the sun and chasin’ boys with a gun, and tyin’ ribbons on a tree.

Well I was born on the Eve of Nothing, born on my own accord.  Workin’ all day and tryin’ not to pray, dreamin’ when the day would come.

Well it’s Friday Night in No Where, and I’m hidin’ from the week again.  Worked and wired, beat and tired and the bars fallin’ over again.

She walked in the like the 4th of July, like we’d won the war right over again, and when she caught my eye I almost cry, thought better and started to grin.

With a walk that worried the widows and my dreams at her side, oh and a light so great I heard a dead man faint, fell right over, and was nearly alive.

Well I jumped right up to meet her, but I kept getting in my way, and the girl I’d brought took off with a trot with my best friend Billy Ray.

Well I said do, do do do do do do, here we go again………..but I never win.

With my noble pursuits behind me, tryin’ to squint the bartender pretty, and without much luck I took off for the truck, tryin’ to remember where I’d hid the key.

While searchin’ for the key hole I heard a full lunged “Woo Wee”, and when I turned around I fell down on the ground and there was Angels looking down at me.

Well I jumped from my disposition, them Angels turned from Multiply to Division, and when two made one, It was like life had begun and my eye they could have split the sea.

She said, “do, do do do do do do, here we go again………..but I never win.

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