Cool Rockin’ Daddy

He’s a Cool Rockin’ Daddy got a foot full of steel,

He’s got a microwave Momma, Medicine wheel,

Drop top Chevy. His Daddy bought in the war,

Been workin’ on the thing since the day he was born.

Sings,  Ooo La, la de da da ta

Smokes rollies claims there they’re cheaper than store,

If he dies of the shit he ain’t dyin’ poor,

You know life is like a watermelon drippin’ off your teeth,

It ain’t the cleanest meal but it sure is sweet.

Sings,  Ooo La, la de da da ta

Oh you climb on some morning and you slip on some sun,

Woopty doo whoopty day life has begun,

Well even Sideways Sally’s spittin’ seeds on the run,

Late for her date, but who wouldn’t wait.

Sings,  Ooo La, la de da da ta

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