Tombstones & a Bottle of Whiskey

Tombstones and a bottle of whiskey, moon gazing with the dead, you play them bones  as they rise to meet me, “Save my soul with a song”, she said.

So I tempt a tune that’s made just for dancing and slapped my heel on the hollowed ground and as she slowly slides her body laughin’ sweetly and swung her bones around my lovin’ head.

Eyes are blazin with rose hereafter, twirled once and then climbed the sky, with a low whisper I followed after, she shook her head and she said, “Goodbye”.

When the devil’s souls they rise to meet you, when the moonlight swims and the day is dead, raise your voice, say, “It’s nice to meet ya”, and save them souls with a song, and dance like you’re dead.

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