To Life

Oh to life Oh to life
Oh to life Oh to life
Throw around the stars
Coffee and guitars
Toast the day
May the music play
And the world be ours

Sittin’ downtown starin’ at the news
Hopeless headlines, this paper’s got the blues
Crime ain’t stoppin and it’s time to pay the rent
But the coffee’s steamin’ and I wonder where my baby went


Gonna wander myself around this little town
Check out the churches, see if the bells will make a sound
Hidin’ my smoke from the laughin little kids
Smile hi to mama, did she just wink a bit?


Starin’ at my feet as I stumble down the street
Jumpin’ lines may break your mother’s back ya see
Mouth is hummin’ some tasty little tune
Strangers snicker but I think I got the right moves

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