Rest Your Moments

Rest down your moments, sit with me my dear; holy roller, you’ve got nothin to fear, just your moments slip with the sun, and time will hold us, until the world’s spun.

You can let me down, I don’t mind the ground, just turn this thing around, we’ll hit the town.

Past the florist sweet honey bee, let’s ignore us, you forget  you and I’ll forget me, thru the cannon, thru the sky, if this is boring,  then I’m a boring guy.

Slippin away with you, slippin away with you, borrowed a day to lose, and I’ll be slippin’ away with you,

Easy as pie, cuz he’s a real fast guy, in a blink of an eye, days roll into night, pages turned, lesson learned, and books have worms, to which there is no cure.

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