Preacher Man

Preacher man he came to me
With a cloth and cup
Said “Your sinnin’ days
Yah your reckless ways
The time to pay is up”
Well I laughed a song
that he was wrong
Save my soul another day
Because life is ripe, the moon is light
Tomorrow the sun will blaze
He said “Settle down and save your soul tonight”
He said “Settle down everything will be just fine”
He said “You waste your time
On women, whiskey’s evil rhyme”
He said “Waste no more
Close the door
The devil is close behind”
I said “Waste my day?
Well I praise my day
With women and with wine
When that day is through
I praise it too
Whiskey, women and life
Just fine. Just fine.”
He said “Save a soul and it will be just fine”
Well I say “Walk the ground
Don’t settle down
Sinners walk by night
But your soul will grow
Not by living slow
Or prayin in the night
But by bein’ there
Oh life will glare-
It’s footsteps upon your brow
Oh so settle down you priests, you clowns
The devil walks tonight”
Just fine Just fine…”
Preacher man came to me with a cloth and a cup…

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